The concept is relatively simple, you just need to have the mobile application and a smartphone.

Haudos calculates the number of kilometres you travel per week, whether by car, on foot or by transport, and suggests an equivalent destination based on the number of kilometres travelled. 

Hotels within the recommended city will be displayed as well as activities and restaurants.

You can also see the prices of trains, flights and search for routes.

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With the “my travel book” feature you can see your destination listings and your holiday plans.

With the inspired mode, you receive a notification at the end of the week.

In the inspired mode, you will receive a notification at the end of the week. You will have the possibility to accumulate your kilometres, meaning the kilometres of your next week will be added to the current kilometres and new destinations will be suggested.

However, if you want to start your adventure from zero kilometres, you will start your experience from zero kilometres again. The number of suggested destinations will be limited to a maximum of five per week.

NB : new destinations will always be offered for a zero km restart.

With the reflective mode, you receive a mid-way notification.

In reflective mode, you have the possibility to create your project in advance if you choose this mode when you start your Haudos adventure. You indicate the date of your holiday, the number of people who will come with you and you choose a deadline for receiving your destinations. You will receive a notification halfway through your journey of this deadline and you will always be able to see the current destinations on your journey page. If you don’t like any of the destinations halfway through your journey, you can continue your way and wait until the end of your deadline to discover the rest of the destinations that will be offered to you.

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