To delete your haudos account, click in the settings and at the bottom of the page click on “delete my account”.

The termination of your account is final. If you want to come back, you will have to register again.

You can simply log out if you are not using the application and come back whenever you want.

No. Once a feature is purchased individually, it becomes part of your menu and cannot be removed.

I’m sorry to hear that the destinations suggested to you are not up to your expectations. The destinations are proposed according to the number of kilometres you travel each day. Users with a very long journey will have a better experience than others.

However, we advise you to use the ” cumulated kilometres ” function in inspired mode at the end of the week in order to have proposals outside your area.

All features in the gallery are subject to a charge. Only the “travel book” feature is free and is already in the menu. To access all features, you can subscribe to a premium account.

Inspired mode is one of the modes in the haudos adventure. If you choose this mode when you register, it means that you don’t know when to go on holiday, when, with whom and even less about your budget. So you can’t create a holiday plan at the moment you register.

In inspired mode, you will receive a notification every week with 5 potential holiday destinations. You can then decide whether you want to accumulate your kilometres or start your 0-kilometre adventure again. This allows you to have new destinations.

The reflective mode is the second mode of the haudos adventure. If you choose this mode when you register, you already know when you will go, for how long, with whom and you even know approximately how much you want to spend on your project. You will have the opportunity to create your holiday project before you start your adventure. You can give your project a name, define a holiday date and the number of people in the project. A deadline must be set to receive your destinations.

This date must be before the holiday date in order to be able to plan your project properly. In the reflective mode, you will receive a notification halfway through this deadline and the rest of the destinations at the end of the deadline.

You can create as many projects as you like. They will be accessible in your travel book in the “my holiday projects” section.

However, you can simply create 3 projects simultaneously and switch from one to the other from your travel page.

Both modes are therefore accessible depending on the project you create.

Premium account

To sign up for a premium account, go to the gallery and click on premium. You can buy your subscription directly from there. There is no obligation and you can choose between monthly or yearly subscriptions. You can also subscribe to the premium account from the settings and then on “become premium”.

The premium account gives you access to all the features of the application even after updates. With a premium subscription you can enjoy the full user experience and also benefit from the following exclusive features:

– Exclusive benefits
– Early access to Haudos features
– Advantage in competitions

The premium subscription is available for £49.99 per year and you can stop it at any time.

You can also pay per month for £4.99.

If you want to cancel your premium subscription, you can:

– Go to your phone settings, then to your subscriptions and cancel the subscription.

Please note: if you cancel your premium subscription, you will no longer have your features and you will lose all your benefits. See terms and conditions.

No. Each user should think carefully before buying the features individually or as a premium package. We advise our haudosseans to buy a premium package to optimise their user experience and to enjoy all the benefits of the application from the beginning to the end, for life.

Individual purchases are recommended if you do not intend to use Haudos as a travel companion but still want to enjoy the experience.

Travel book

The “travel book” feature is the pre-installed feature in the application and the basic feature. It is free of charge, which is why every user has it when they download Haudos.

The “travel book” feature gives you visibility on your holiday plans. It replaces the paper notebook to gather all the necessary information in one place.

You will find 3 sub-menus inside:

My Haudos destinations: these are the destinations suggested after your daily journeys.

My favourite cities: these are the cities that you have pinned from your haudos destinations.

My holiday plans: These are the projects you have created for your future holidays or are currently working on. ( If you started your haudos adventure in reflective mode, your holiday project is automatically added in this section).

Yes. To do this, slide the holiday project you want to delete to the left and then press the delete cross.

The travel book cannot be shared, however you can share your holiday plans. This can be shared fully to Haudos users. This means that if you share a project with someone who has the application, they will have visibility on the same project interface as you.

However, if you want to share a project with someone who does not have the haudos application, it will be sent as a text message.

My documents

The “my documents” feature allows you to store all your important documents needed before and during your stay. Here you can pin your electronic plane or train tickets, store a photo of your passport or ID card if needed. You can also add other important documents such as your driving licence, an electronic visa etc…

Yes, the “my documents” feature is not free if you do not have a premium account. Each user has the possibility to decide which features they need. Therefore you can buy them individually according to your needs. The feature costs £0,99 and is available in the gallery.

My Budget

The “my budget” feature is the management of your holiday wallet. Holidays are expensive and we often over spend. This tool allows you to manage your budget to avoid going broke.

The “my budget” option is very simple.
It offers you two possibilities:
You can either determine your budget yourself or have it calculated with the interactive tool, which will give you an estimate of how much you should spend on your holiday project. As soon as you mention your budget for a project, you have the possibility to change it later. During your holiday you will receive notifications to update your budget.

My luggage

The “my luggage” feature allows you to have an overview of your holiday luggage. Taking an inventory of your belongings before leaving on holiday is not a habit, and often when you return, you just think you have forgotten something. Thanks to the “my luggage” tool, you will be able to indicate what you are taking for your trip and what you have bought during your stay so that you don’t forget anything when you return.

If you have a premium subscription, you will have all the features of this tool, i.e. clothes and accessories. If you buy it individually, you will have to buy the accessories and clothes individually. You get 3 clothes of your choice with the individual purchase of the “my luggage” tool for free. You can also buy the “my luggage” pack individually for £3.99.

To take advantage of the “my luggage” option you simply need to add the number of pieces you are taking for each item of clothing and accessories. If you want to add a suitcase for someone, you can do so by pressing “add luggage”. You can also change the name of the luggage.

The luggage also has a part called “souvenirs” to add everything you have bought. You have visibility of your entire luggage with the number of pieces before your departure and after your departure, so that you don’t forget anything.

Interactive Map

The “interactive map” feature allows you to cross paths with other users who are using this tool. On this map you will have the opportunity to see which destination is being planned by each user. You can also share your map with other haudosseans so that they can discover your haudos route.

The “interactive map” feature is relatively simple. As soon as you accumulate kilometres and create a holiday plan, the travel destination is pinned on the interactive map. By clicking on this map you will be able to see other users who have this option and their holiday plans.

This feature also gives you the possibility to send a message to the user to ask for feedback on the destination or share recommendations.

When you see the Haudos navigation arrow on the map, it means that another user has already created a holiday project there or that this destination was suggested to them at the same time as you.

My Haudos

The Haudos compass works in combination with the interactive map.
This feature allows you to create a travel circuit. At Haudos we understand that every user has their own travel experience and many are fans of circuits. With the Haudos compass, you can move it around the map to the key destinations you wish to visit to establish your route. With this option, you can determine the eligibility of your route as well as the distances.

The haudos compass can be used from the interactive map. If you want to create a route without taking into account your number of kilometres, simply click on the compass highlighted on the map and insert it on your starting point. Then the compass tool will start and offer you to duplicate the compass on the second destination of your choice and so on. Once your tour is complete, click on your starting point again to finalise your tour. You will find the information about your route in the haudos compass tool.

There you can find information about the duration of the tour, the distance between each destination and the most suitable means of transport.

Gaia & Me

Gaia is a section where you can find tips for responsible travel.

At Haudos, our community is very important. As a traveller, we are sure that you must have travel tips that you would like to share to protect the planet. That’s why Gaia & me would like to invite you to become the editor of our next article. If you have a tip to share with the community, Haudos allows you to write your own article or send us all the information about your tip so that we can write it on your behalf.

Your article will be posted in the GAIA section with your haudos username.

Gaia & me is free of charge, please note that there is no remuneration in return.

Please note: premium users have priority on the validation of their article.

In order for your article to be validated, you must respect certain writing guidelines:

-You must be a user of the Haudos application.
– Your article must highlight responsible travel or eco-tourism and must be useful.
– Your content must be addressed to the community and the pronoun “you” is favoured.
– You should use short sentences instead of long ones.
– Your article should not exceed 5000 words.
– Your article should not contain insults, swear words or words that may offend the community.

Your article must be sent to Gaia who will check it. An email will be sent to you to confirm that it has been received. If your article is validated by the editorial staff, we will contact you by email. If your article is not validated, we will tell you the reasons.

Send your article to

You can also ask her any questions you may have or post your question to Istya directly in her Tuesday post on our Facebook account.

If your article is approved by the editorial team, we will send you the details by email to keep you informed of its publication according to the editorial calendar.

Yes, you have every right to rewrite an article on the tip you wanted to share or to choose another tip.

There are 2 phases of rejection:

1. Complete rejection: your article does not comply with any of the main guidelines, it will be rejected immediately. You will therefore have to rewrite it differently and submit it to the validation and verification stage again.

2. Partial rejection: your article respects 1/3 or 2/3 of the main guidelines, so we will send you information about modifications and suggestions that will allow you to move it to the validation stage.
If you do not send us your revised article after 5 days, we will reject it definitively and it will no longer be validated. You will then have to go back to the first step by completely modifying your article (see complete rejection).

By highlighting the writing skills and tips of our community, haudos takes the time to read and edit what you have written. We therefore require that our community respects the time taken to edit the topic in return. It is your responsibility to make sure you send it in on time. If for any reason you are unable to send it in on time, please inform us by email so that we can give you more time. (The reason must be valid, otherwise the delay will not be validated).

We understand that some users like to write and that the Gaia section can be an opportunity to showcase your talents. However, if you would like your Instagram, Facebook, website or other information to be featured when we publish your article, we will make you sign an agreement to have one of these elements published on the article with your haudos username.

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